Julia Walton
Tribal Clerk

Family Violence

Is my home safe?

Family violence is NEVER OK! In many cases it is a CRIME!

What is Family Violence?

Family violence or domestic violence is the mistreatment of one family member by another to gain power and control.  The violence can take on different forms:

Physical Abuse - slapping, punching, choking, or throwing things

Emotional Abuse - yelling, making insults or threats

Sexual Abuse - such as unwanted touching, incest or rape

Neglect - withholding affection, money, food, health care or other needed care

Family Violence Hurts the Whole Family

Family Violence effects everyone not just the victim.  Children suffer too.  Research suggests that between 80 & 90 percent of these children are aware of the violence.  Children who grow up in violent homes greatly risk the possibility of emotional, behavioral and physical problems that last for a lifetime. Depression; anxiety; violence toward peers; suicide attempt; drug & alcohol abuse and running away from home are just some of the issues that stem from the violence in the home.  Children also can be injured as a direct result from abuse.  Batterers sometimes intentionally injure children in an effort to intimidate and control the partners.  For younger children assaults may occur while the mother is holding her child or for older children, injuries often occur when they try to intervene in violent episodes. Boys are twice as likely to become batterers and girls are more likely to find themselves in abusive relationships. Children are fearful and powerless in violent homes. They, too, need help and protection. Break free from violence and stop the cycle for your children.

 What to do if you need to get out:

It is very important to let someone you trust know what you are doing. Tell a friend, family member or counselor what your plan is.

Try to plan ahead

~ Save money and hide it                              

~Pack a suitcase and store it with someone you trust

~Keep an extra set of house and car keys

~Find a safe place to go -- how will you get there?

Keep important items handy:

~Identification and important papers such as drivers license, birth certificates, Social Security cards and medical records,

~Money, ATM/Credit Cards

~List of important phone numbers


You can get help from:

~The Battered Women's Project

~The Police Department

~Women's Groups

~Mental Health Centers

~Your doctor, hospital, emergency room

~A victim/witness program

~Rape crisis center

~A free legal clinic

Look in the front of the white pages under community service numbers

Remember, NO ONE has the right to abuse YOU!!


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