"Taking care of our children is a cultural responsibility as ancient as each of our Tribes"




ICWA ensures the safety of all Tribal children, strengthening families, and encourages community responsibility in raising Tribal children in order to ensure the future of the Tribe. ICWA is invested in utilizing extended family resources or Tribal foster and adoptive homes when children are removed from their biological families.  ICWA also looks at Tribal resources and services for the biological parents when engaging in services if necessary. Children are the most valuable of all.  It is up to the entire community to nurture and protect our children so they can become healthy and productive adults. Members of Indian communities must share the responsibility of creating an environment in which children can thrive. 


1. Every child deserves to live in a family, which provides a safe and nurturing home.

2. Preservation of community and family connections is very important to a developing child.

3. Timely and effective involvement of ICWA concerning the welfare of a Micmac child.

4. Cultural and traditional values of the Tribe are the primary focus in placement of Micmac children.


The goals of the Micmac Indian Child Welfare Program is to:

1. Ensure the safety of all Tribal children

2. Strengthen families

3. Encourage community responsibility in raising their children

4. Keep children, who are placed out of the home, culturally connected to the Tribe


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